Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The tale of the Surprise Prayer walk

So this week I got a surprise from God. When I first started being lead to do this whole prayerwalking thing, I wanted to be able to get inside of the Local High School to prayerwalk.  Truthfully I have no contacts there I don't know anyone who could get me access but my youngest son does go to school there. And I was called Friday and asked to attend a meeting to discuss my sons academic career on Monday morning. So I arrived at the school with about 10 minutes to spare before my appointment and the Secretary gave me directions to my meeting. She told me that I was to meet in an office on the far side of the campus and gave me detailed directions so I left and began to follow her directions walking through the Halls of the school and I thought "I am not going to waste this opportunity. I will pray and declare the kingdom of God over this route at least." Little did I know that I had been set up again by God. The directions literally took me through every hallway in the school and lead me almost exactly to the office I started in.  I walked and prayed over the entire school before my meeting. How is that for a God surprise.  And that my friends is the tale of the surprise prayerwalk.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Preparing the Walker the final chapter

So I want to start by apologizing for not posting for the last week but after spending last Friday and Saturday with God and preaching on Sunday I came down with the worst case of Hay Fever I have ever had and have been in bed all week long. but I do want to share some of what God gave me those last couple of days and even this week in the bed I have been spending time with God.  I want to share some of what God has been saying to me during this time. 

God is looking for people who will just spend time with HIM.  No agenda just treat HIM like you would a close personal friend. One of the things that we talked about was that during my walking times though he would at times give me insights and messages about the church and about his people a lot of the time it was just HIM and I spending time together with no agenda. HE told me about doing that in the past with people HE talked about spending that kind of time with Enoch and Noah. He talked about there being people of every generation that just spent time with HIM.  He reminded me of the conversations that we had during our walk about the ducks and even brought to my mind the walk in which HE laughed at the inside joke HE was setting me up for.  Then HE told me that is what HE longs for from HIS people. HE told me that most of HIS children only come to HIM when they want something or need something. HE said they treat me like their own personal genie or Santa Claus while I want to be their love and friend.  I preached about this at our church this last week and had people asking me how do you do that How do you spend time with God and hear these things from HIM like you do.  I answered them the way I would answer anyone who asked me about that  YOU just do.  How do you spend time with your friends you make the time.  When was the last time you invited God to cook dinner with you? or to go to the movies with you or just take a ride to the store with you?  When is the last time you talked to HIM just to talk not to request something?  When is the last time you tried to listen to HIM talk to you without distraction?  This is what God is looking for, Longing for, HE is desperate for it.  I told someone on Sunday that I had spent to days listening to God cry.  HE wasn't crying over the sins of the world or the sins of the nation, He wasn't crying over deaths and loss of innocence. NO God was crying for someone to want to spend time  with HIM to love on HIM.  We say that we love HIM but would your spouse or significant other believe you loved them if the only time you ever spent time with them was when you wanted something from them? NOT for long they wouldn't. So take some time this week and just talk to God share your life with HIM, your dreams, your disappointments, your funny stories, Every thing and then listen as HE shares HIS with you who knows in some future generation they might just be talking about you and calling you "the friend of God"  Anyway that is my thoughts this week I got to go me and God are getting together to watch NCIS who knew that God liked TV?
Tomorrow my surprise prayer walk this week
I sure hope God doesn't hog the popcorn :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparing the Walker Day3

Well today's walk was a lot quicker I only had to walk to the mall and spend some time there, Then walk home about 2 miles total not including the trip around each floor of the mall.  It was a good walk and I did get some things but not a lot of photo's I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of people that I didn't know and the things I saw wouldn't show up in photos anyway.  So let just get right into what went on during this walk.  As I was walking there another signboard just jumped right out at me it was for the Fraternal Order of Eagles but they don't say that on the sign it says FOE.  God spoke and said the foe is everywhere and he is taking notice of what is happening in the area. But he reminded me that while we have to watch out for the foe he has already been defeated and that as Paul the apostle puts it "the weapons of our warfare are strong for the pulling down of strongholds."   So dear brothers and sisters who are reading and praying remember that we must be on our guard and put on HIS armour daily so that we can stand against the snares of the enemy.  With that we continued on to the Mall nothing really of any significance happened on the way after the foe thing but I did take this photo of some ducks on the river just because it looked cool.
I said hey God there are a bunch of ducks anything you want to word you want to give me about them.  He said yeah they look cool all lined up like that.   Not everything about these walks have to be about some deeper word they can just be about us being together. And believe it or not that is what most of this walk was about.  I got to the mall and walked around looking at people and God said look at how busy they are.  Even here they are on the go. It seemed like every other person was shopping and walking and talking on their cell phones all at the same time.  Then we passed this signboard on the second floor and God opened my eyes to something else. The sign was for being able to buy lottery tickets in the mall and He said see the prince is active here to and then my vision changed and I saw a lady with this creature on her back and the creature had a long chain attached to her. She came out of one store and started past the next when the creature hopped of went into the store and yanked on the chain. She stopped turned and went into the store and began to shop. I stood and watched until she came out with another bag full of purchases and watched her walk a couple of more stores when it happened again.  As she came out of that store I went up and said excuse me I know this is kind of a weird question by why are you here in the mall today?  She was very friendly and told me that she had a hard day at work and just felt like she needed some shopping therapy so she came to the mall.  I thanked her and watched as the demon pulled her into another store.   As I began to look around I saw lots of creatures on lots of peoples backs. some had several and one man had a chain from him to the woman he was with and several other chains that just seemed to go straight through the walls. When I asked God about him I was told he is addicted to something at the end of each chain.  Then I was led up to the food court where i got a drink and sat down to watch people. God spoke and said look how busy they are. This is so typical now days people say they can't hear me or see me now days but the truth is they are just to busy to sat down and listen to me or look for me. I could hear the sadness in HIS voice and the Longing. Then HE said "If they would just be still and know that I am God. that's what i want from my children. They are so busy doing for me or themselves that they rush through their time with me. I want people to spend time with me. Then He made it personal Thank you He said for the last few days You are hearing me because you are spending this time with me. You may have thought I was silent yesterday because you got discouraged but i was just walking with you. being with you enjoying having you to myself.  That is what these 14 days are about. Yes i will show you stuff. But mostly I want you to grow to enjoy being with me, talking with me, listening to me. Not just because you need something but because you enjoy my company.  Then He went quite for a while. He showed me something I can't talk about yet then said lets go home. which is what we did. On the way home he said I just want to spend time with you tomorrow no agenda no visions just you and me in communion together. Lets g someplace quite and spend time together .  So that's what we are doing. If there is anything to tell tomorrow I will tell it if not Talk with you Saturday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing the Walker day 2

So today I walked where God told me it was a long, long walk. I started at 11:30 and finished at 3:30pm. I am tired, sore, and sunburned but I had a great walk and lots of good God time.  So lets just jump right in shall we and look at the things that God gave me.  There are five things I want to talk about today that happened on this walk 3 are things HE showed me one is a new part of my ministry and the last is a conversation that I had with him during the first half of the walk. I am not really proud of the last one and we will take them as they came up during the walk. 
1. I got about half and hour into the walk and I saw this light board for this store (see picture to the left) God spoke and said they don't even know, I have the only Kinetic Health Care. Kinetic energy is at motion it is always in motion it builds on the motion it has and creates more motion. Kinetic health care would be health care that continues to increase until all health comes from that source. Only God has that ability. His word says in Mark 16 that those that Believe will lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover.  That's Kinetic Health Care if ever I heard it.  God wants to show us some Kinetic Health care. HE wants us to come to him and see how He can heal us.  God spoke clearly to me as I walked past this sign and said "they have not because they don't ask with faith."  As Smith Wigglesworth used to say in his revival services as the Healing line would form "Only Believe Only Believe All things are possible only Believe."

After this I walked for quite some time past the Levy which is hosting the West Virginia Motorcycle Rally this week. Where I ran into the Christian Bikers Association who were there Representing our Lord and Savior. Good JOB guys.  then about 45 minutes into my walk about a quarter of the way through I became so Hot and so tired. I had taken two bottles of Ice cold water with me and had finished one and the other was now lukewarm.  I was ready to Go home and I will be honest I told God so.  I said look you have already shown me something I am tired its my first walk It 94 degrees out here I want to stop for today. God told me you need to decide here are you willing to do what ever it takes or aren't you?  You told me what ever the cost you would pay it is being tired not worth seeing My presence change this valley?  Is being Hot or thirsty not worth seeing it?  I am not asking you to do much I already gave you permission to take sustenance once a day My  Son didn't get any of that no food no water for 40 days I am only asking you to do this for 14 is that too much?  If so then you are not the person I thought you were.  David would have done it, Peter, Paul, the 120 would have done it but if you want to quite before we even get started I will leave you alone.  
Can I be honest for a second here that scared me he didn't say I will let you go home and try again tomorrow he said I will leave you alone.  I sat by the side of the river under a tree and said please God I am sorry don't leave me alone I need you more than ever. You are right I said whatever it takes I am willing to pay it so lets Go show me what you want me to see.  And up on my feet I came and on towards the Capitol building I went.  Show me what you want me to see I prayed and for the next 45 minutes God said nothing!!!  I got to the capitol still nothing. I went into a convenience store and bought two bottles of water since I was out and as I left the store I decided since God wasn't talking I would take a shorter faster route home.  Almost as soon as I started that way God spoke "What are you doing? This is not the path now keep your promise or don't tell me you are willing again." I stopped and said to God I will follow your path but not without you if you aren't going to talk to me then I will go home because I can't make this walk without you."  Lets Go he told me and so I began to walk to the street he had told me to go down.  That was when He showed me the 2nd thing
2. I was passing the University of Charleston Football Field and God said they worship their hero's here but before we are done in this city this stadium will be filled with people worshiping me.  You will at some point in this hold a service here and I will fill it with people hungry for me.  Just follow me and do what I say and you will see more than you could ever believe was possible.  I am even now opening doors and softening hearts for a move in this city unlike any you have ever heard about.  Brownsville will be nothing compared to this, Lakeland a drop of water in the ocean, I am about to make a new thing soon people all over the world will say that Charleston West Virginia is truly Almost Heaven because God is there!!!" 
3rd thing was quick and not even two blocks later right at the road to the worst housing project in town (The only one you cant even enter unless you live there and can prove it) was a bill board and at the bottom of the bill board was a statement that leaped out at me almost as if God himself was saying it. Which he did seconds after I took this picture. To be honest I took the picture to prove to my self that the words were turely on the Bill Board.  They are "It starts Here"   God says the biggest awakening anyone has ever seen Starts here in this town hardly anyone knew anything about until Senator Byrd died and was laid in state here.  I am going to start here and awaken billions God said.  My house will be filled. 

I was almost besides my self at this point I literally bowed down on the street and worship God and told HIM how sorry I was for almost giving up.  He told me it was OK he knew I wouldn't He told me I know that you are like my servant Job even if I letyou be killed , you would still praise me with your dieing breath.  I let you feel the tiredness and the heat and the thirst. I want you to understand that you only have the strength you need when you follow me with all your heart mind and spirit.   Just lean on me and like Jesus I will minister to you and send my messengers to minister to you. Now get up we have more to see your walk today is not done. 
My dear readers I don't know how to explain what is coming in the next two things that happened in this walk but to just tell them as they happened and let you see what you think of them.  You can take them or leave them but I know what I was shown. 
4.The next thing I saw was a bill board as well one that instantly caught my attention I will not say a lot about it but let you see it for yourself it is self explanatory what is being advertised. God spoke and said this is important. Do you see what is behind this? The enemies prince in this State is Addiction. People both mine and those without my Son are caught in addictions. They bow at the feet of the Prince of West Virginia and don't even know it.  They are addicted to power,drugs,alcohol,pornography,sex, gossip,food,gambling, religion, entertainment and even to themselves. I want you as you begin to walk to every place you see something that feeds one of these addictions to declare to this prince that He is no longer in charge here. Use the Authority that Jesus gave to you and bind the spirit of addiction and lose my Spirit to bring Freedom.  When you get to the Capitol I want you to stand on the steps and Declare it declare the power of this prince to be broken over the leaders of this state and declare that Heaven be open over this building where the state laws are made. Stand in front of the Governor's mansion and Declare the same thing that Addiction to political power be broken Declare that my candidate will fill the office and Declare that an open heaven be over who ever is in this office.   I continued to walk and God said you know that you will have to do a Jericho march around that casino right? I answered what ever you want Lord.  Then he said what was the name of that place again?  I said God you know it. Yes I do but do you know it??  I said no and looked at the photo.  Mardi Gras why is that important?   Its nothing he told me with a chuckle just a little something I have for you to do.  

And that my friends is when God blew the lid right off of my box.  I just thought I understood the ministry he had for me wait till you here what he considers a little thing for me to do.
5. I continued walking listening to the occasional chuckle from God and said "Are you going to let me in on the Joke?"  He laughed and said "OH its no joke. Your going you know."  What are you talking about of course I am going we already established that."
"Not the casino though you are going there too  Mardi Gras your going not the next one but in 2012 you are going to organize something called Operation Prayerwalk Mardi Gras and you will take a huge team for the week before and the week of Marty Gras and prayerwalk and hold an evangelistic crusade In New Orleans for Mardi Gras they want a party we will give them a HOLY GHOST PARTY!!  And then I began to see what he was telling me but that is for another time and a different blog altogether.   Not long after that I arrived back home to find that it was 3:30 I had been walking for four hours and though I was tired I wasn't as tired as a 300 pound out of shape man with my illness should be. Why not Because when you walk with God he provides the energy.  So till tomorrow, when I have to walk the Mall of an evening, May you become even more Hungry for Him who made you.  OH and if you want to know more about Operation Prayerwalk Mardi Gras stay tuned it will be getting its on site soon.  I will let you know. 
Pastor George