Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preparing the Walker Day3

Well today's walk was a lot quicker I only had to walk to the mall and spend some time there, Then walk home about 2 miles total not including the trip around each floor of the mall.  It was a good walk and I did get some things but not a lot of photo's I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of people that I didn't know and the things I saw wouldn't show up in photos anyway.  So let just get right into what went on during this walk.  As I was walking there another signboard just jumped right out at me it was for the Fraternal Order of Eagles but they don't say that on the sign it says FOE.  God spoke and said the foe is everywhere and he is taking notice of what is happening in the area. But he reminded me that while we have to watch out for the foe he has already been defeated and that as Paul the apostle puts it "the weapons of our warfare are strong for the pulling down of strongholds."   So dear brothers and sisters who are reading and praying remember that we must be on our guard and put on HIS armour daily so that we can stand against the snares of the enemy.  With that we continued on to the Mall nothing really of any significance happened on the way after the foe thing but I did take this photo of some ducks on the river just because it looked cool.
I said hey God there are a bunch of ducks anything you want to word you want to give me about them.  He said yeah they look cool all lined up like that.   Not everything about these walks have to be about some deeper word they can just be about us being together. And believe it or not that is what most of this walk was about.  I got to the mall and walked around looking at people and God said look at how busy they are.  Even here they are on the go. It seemed like every other person was shopping and walking and talking on their cell phones all at the same time.  Then we passed this signboard on the second floor and God opened my eyes to something else. The sign was for being able to buy lottery tickets in the mall and He said see the prince is active here to and then my vision changed and I saw a lady with this creature on her back and the creature had a long chain attached to her. She came out of one store and started past the next when the creature hopped of went into the store and yanked on the chain. She stopped turned and went into the store and began to shop. I stood and watched until she came out with another bag full of purchases and watched her walk a couple of more stores when it happened again.  As she came out of that store I went up and said excuse me I know this is kind of a weird question by why are you here in the mall today?  She was very friendly and told me that she had a hard day at work and just felt like she needed some shopping therapy so she came to the mall.  I thanked her and watched as the demon pulled her into another store.   As I began to look around I saw lots of creatures on lots of peoples backs. some had several and one man had a chain from him to the woman he was with and several other chains that just seemed to go straight through the walls. When I asked God about him I was told he is addicted to something at the end of each chain.  Then I was led up to the food court where i got a drink and sat down to watch people. God spoke and said look how busy they are. This is so typical now days people say they can't hear me or see me now days but the truth is they are just to busy to sat down and listen to me or look for me. I could hear the sadness in HIS voice and the Longing. Then HE said "If they would just be still and know that I am God. that's what i want from my children. They are so busy doing for me or themselves that they rush through their time with me. I want people to spend time with me. Then He made it personal Thank you He said for the last few days You are hearing me because you are spending this time with me. You may have thought I was silent yesterday because you got discouraged but i was just walking with you. being with you enjoying having you to myself.  That is what these 14 days are about. Yes i will show you stuff. But mostly I want you to grow to enjoy being with me, talking with me, listening to me. Not just because you need something but because you enjoy my company.  Then He went quite for a while. He showed me something I can't talk about yet then said lets go home. which is what we did. On the way home he said I just want to spend time with you tomorrow no agenda no visions just you and me in communion together. Lets g someplace quite and spend time together .  So that's what we are doing. If there is anything to tell tomorrow I will tell it if not Talk with you Saturday.

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