Monday, September 13, 2010

Preparing the Walker the final chapter

So I want to start by apologizing for not posting for the last week but after spending last Friday and Saturday with God and preaching on Sunday I came down with the worst case of Hay Fever I have ever had and have been in bed all week long. but I do want to share some of what God gave me those last couple of days and even this week in the bed I have been spending time with God.  I want to share some of what God has been saying to me during this time. 

God is looking for people who will just spend time with HIM.  No agenda just treat HIM like you would a close personal friend. One of the things that we talked about was that during my walking times though he would at times give me insights and messages about the church and about his people a lot of the time it was just HIM and I spending time together with no agenda. HE told me about doing that in the past with people HE talked about spending that kind of time with Enoch and Noah. He talked about there being people of every generation that just spent time with HIM.  He reminded me of the conversations that we had during our walk about the ducks and even brought to my mind the walk in which HE laughed at the inside joke HE was setting me up for.  Then HE told me that is what HE longs for from HIS people. HE told me that most of HIS children only come to HIM when they want something or need something. HE said they treat me like their own personal genie or Santa Claus while I want to be their love and friend.  I preached about this at our church this last week and had people asking me how do you do that How do you spend time with God and hear these things from HIM like you do.  I answered them the way I would answer anyone who asked me about that  YOU just do.  How do you spend time with your friends you make the time.  When was the last time you invited God to cook dinner with you? or to go to the movies with you or just take a ride to the store with you?  When is the last time you talked to HIM just to talk not to request something?  When is the last time you tried to listen to HIM talk to you without distraction?  This is what God is looking for, Longing for, HE is desperate for it.  I told someone on Sunday that I had spent to days listening to God cry.  HE wasn't crying over the sins of the world or the sins of the nation, He wasn't crying over deaths and loss of innocence. NO God was crying for someone to want to spend time  with HIM to love on HIM.  We say that we love HIM but would your spouse or significant other believe you loved them if the only time you ever spent time with them was when you wanted something from them? NOT for long they wouldn't. So take some time this week and just talk to God share your life with HIM, your dreams, your disappointments, your funny stories, Every thing and then listen as HE shares HIS with you who knows in some future generation they might just be talking about you and calling you "the friend of God"  Anyway that is my thoughts this week I got to go me and God are getting together to watch NCIS who knew that God liked TV?
Tomorrow my surprise prayer walk this week
I sure hope God doesn't hog the popcorn :)

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  1. Very cool. Kind of what God has been talking to me about too. I had an incredible experience during worship last night at our new church. I was so overwhelmed by the entire thing.