Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Resistance to Revival

The more I spend time with those who claim they want to experience a move of God that is world shaking the more I realize that is not what they want. They want a move of God that changes those around them to be more like them not a move of God that changes everyone it touches to be more like God.   We desire a revival that will make Tom, Dick, Jane and Sue more like what we think they should be like but the minute God reveals to us that we need to Change as part of the revival then we are finished and decide "This is not for me anymore."  In the last few months as I have seen and directed those who claimed to want to see a move of God more and more of them have given me an excuse as to why they cant be part of what God is doing here. Deep down inside they know God is about to change their perceptions and challenge them to grow and become something they aren't yet.  Because we resist change we resist the Holy Spirit who is leading us into change. So once again I have sounded the shofar of revival and once again when it isn't about feeling the touchy feely goodness of God but the all consuming fire of God people run looking for something they want not what God is doing.  I sit at home and wonder and pray and cry out for a group of people who want God to move not just in their neighbors lives or their enemies lives or other peoples lives but in their own as well.  I ask God and I despair that I am the only one who wants God so bad I am willing to give up everything to get HIM even if it means giving up myself and my "identity"  I sit here and wonder am I the only one?  I can't be can I?   But experience tells me that it sure looks like it. And for that I cry.

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