Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Publishing Miracle??

So wanted to share something I find amazing.  I have started working on a book about prayerwalking. It is called "Prayer Walking Your Community for Spiritual Breakthrough."  I did this because of several people asking me if I could send them teachings on prayer walking. As I was working on it I began to think about getting it pulished.  So I went online and googled Christian Book Publishing. Of course several of  things come up but a couple of them really caught my attention because I have read books by authors they have published.  I sent inquires to both and have heard back from one of them already.  They assigned me a submisions editor whose job is to read my manuscript and see if it is even worth thier time. So for the last two days we have been playing phone tag. Now look at this quote from their web site: (Name Removed)Publishing only accepts for publication about 3 percent of all manuscripts received. Our selectivity makes it possible for us to provide our authors with a level of market penetration that is second to none because of the quality of our product. We have the best reputation in the industry for quality and service and are looking forward to speaking with you about your work."
So I am talking with this editor about my manuscript which isnt even finished and which I haven'tsubmitted becasue their site also says they only accept finished manuscripts. But she says so I know what were talking about give me a synopis of your book so I begin to talk about what Iam writing and tell her "I will have the finished manuscript by the first of next week, but it will be very very rough.  As we continue talking about prayer walking she says "You need to send me what you have done today."  I said but it isnt finished. She replies I don't acctually have to have a finished manuscript to do what I do  and I need you to understand that I need what you have right now  because baised on our conversation I am sending you a contract for your book.  We don't normally do that but if it is half as good as the stuff your telling me on the phone We can sell this book.  So send me what you have now so I can justify why I am sending this contract.
God has sent me a contract for my book without the publisher ever seeing the book.    So soon you may be seeing my book in your local bookstore.  What a crazy week. Guess now why I God allowed me to be stuck in the house. I have plenty of time to write.

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