Saturday, December 4, 2010

How do You Hear God Speak pt one

          As a pastor and revivalist one of the most often asked questions I get is: How do I know it is God speaking to me? Or: How can I hear God like you do? To be quite honest this question surprises me every time I hear it. It says more about the leadership of churches than about the individual asking the question. How can people be attending a Bible believing, Bible teaching church and not have been taught how to hear the voice of God?  So to keep my blog entries small and readable we are going to take the next two entries to talk about this vital topic. 
          My usual answer to the question is this question: How do you know your spouse or parents voice when they talk to you on the phone without seeing them?  Or How come you can place 30 moms with 60 kids in a room and have one child call mommy and the right mommy turn around?   The answer is easy because you communicate with them regularly.  That is the answer to how to hear God speak to you, you have to communicate with him. Now let me explain, I know that every Christian prays but we are taught to pray by giving thanks asking for request giving praise but that isn’t communication that is talking at someone not to them.  How long would your other relationships last if all you ever did was talk at them and not listen to them talk?  Not long that is for sure.  So the reason that we don’t hear God speak or aren’t sure it is God when he is speaking is that we don’t take the time to listen and have a real relationship and I don’t just mean by reading our Bibles don’t get me wrong that is one way God speaks but He is a living God he wants to talk with us one on one. I want to challenge you today to start listening to God. Take some time and just listen Start a conversation with HIM ask HIM to talk to you then shut up and listen.
Then after he has said something answer him. That is communication
Next time we will talk about ways that God speaks. Until then go enjoy conversing with God.

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  1. Very well said Pastor George. I always love learning about God and how to better serve him. Thanks very much for sharing this. God bless you.~

    Your friend,
    Julie Shortridge Bernabe (from Facebook).