Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perparing the Walker Day 1 actual

So today was my first day fasting is not as easy when it is only water and I am struggling with that but God allowed me a very small amount of sustenance besides water but only enough to allow me to concentrate on what I needed to do. I am confident that I will be able to complete this fast only because I know he has called me to.  So today I was shown a lot of things as I was running errands and God said this is the things I want you to see today but tomorrow you will begin to walk not ride.  So let me show you the three things God showed me and the spiritual applications of them. There are three of them so let me do them as I got them.
1. Almost as soon as we left the house today we hit road construction, This is not unusual in any way there is a lot of road construction going on around our city. The interstate, several other roads and intersections.  In spiritual dreams roads always represent direction. God began to reveal to me that the direction of our town has been broken and not very usable. But just like the road workers were working to make a smoother surface for us to drive on HIS workers are repairing or renewing the Spiritual direction of our community. He said that while repairs cause inconvenience and slow downs in the traffic or even at times a temporary worsening of road conditions the end result is a faster smoother drive.  It may seem like the direction is not changing or even that it has worsen but it is only the process of the renewal that is needed. Watch and wait for the end result it will be a smoother and even better direction than the original.   Thank you God for such an interesting first revelation.
2. A little later in our ride I glanced off to the left and saw a fence painting that caught my attention. It is of a man smiling holding a swings ropes but at a quick glance it looked like he was looking out through prison bars.  That's weird I thought why would a guy in jail be smiling.  God spoke in my spirit again and said A lot of my Children are just like that they are imprisoned by something or in bondage to something and they seem to be happy or even satisfied. There are two reasons for this he told me one they don't know they are imprisoned  because they have been told this is they way it is. They believe the lie that this is what the Christian life is and so they allow themselves to be imprisoned by rules and regulations instead of experiencing the freedom that I have won for them. The second reason is that they have been imprisoned for so long that they have become content with the way things are.  They are happy because this is all they know and after all it isn't as bad as some others have it.  The doors to their prison have been opened and still they are content to sit there day after day because things aren't that bad. Later when I went back by to take the picture God drove home to me that this is his people.  Look at the painting the man is in front of a castle that has crosses on three of its highest peaks. God said look they are satisfied with their prison when they could be in the castle.    God show them their prisons and make them dissatisfied with them lead them to the castle of your kingdom and true freedom.
The final thing was I had to go to the post office as I was entering God said look down there and off to the side was two advertisements someone had dropped. They landed just they way they are in the picture and I took the picture to show everyone what God was saying. 
God said this is what you are up against here in the Kanawha valley and even in most the country.  There are two types of Spirits that are riding the wind right now bringing bondage and destruction to both my people and the lost.  Sacred Spirits are religious in nature they look like a way to me. They even promise to be a way to me yet they aren't they are a way to destruction.  They even deceive my followers sometimes and lead them into that bondage we were talking about earlier.  The other is Native Spirits  who deceive by tying people up in the Natural or Native world. But mankind wasn't created to operate in the Native world but in both the Native and Spiritual world just like Me. I created you in my image to be like me a part of both realities. When will someone stand and declare the defeat of these spirits Change the atmosphere let my some of my people rise up and declare my Spirit rides the wind.  This is the breakthrough you are waiting for. Rise up and declare the Kingdom of God is in effect.

Well that's it for today tomorrow God has told me to walk to the capitol along the water then home along a very obscure back street I cant wait too see what He has for me tomorrow.
Thanks to those who have let me know your praying during this time and if you want to walk with me let me know that as well.

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