Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preparing the Staff part two

So yesterday I let you know about the steps I had taken so far for preparing the Staff for my walks. You should read part one before you read this part in this part I will give you the last two steps God gave me one of which is finished the other one will be finished by the Monday. Which will then lead us into the next part of the adventure preparing the walker.    Lets start with a look at the staff after the first 3 steps.
So there it is cleaned up stripped and sanded look how white it looks. I found that as I was looking at it today, before starting the next two steps, that it is still a perfect picture of what God is trying to do with his people. After he strips away our shell and removes our bonds to the enemy and sands us to be like HIM that we become clean and pure just like Jesus. 
I never would have thought that I would get so much out of the simple act of working on making a staff to walk with but man it is a sermon in itself. So on to the last two steps for the staff's preparation
Step 4. Anointing the Staff
God told me to Anoint the staff with Anointing oil to consecrate it to HIS service.  So I did. What I found interesting is that the word translated Anoint in scripture means to Smear, cover, immerse.  So that is what i did I poured a little oil on the staff and then I began to smear it in while praying for God to consecrate it to HIS service. I covered the whole staff with it and became quite covered myself in the process. God spoke to me as I was doing this and said this is what I am doing I will anoint my people with my Holy Spirit and cover them with my presence. As you walk the communities of this nation carrying this staff I will begin to pour out a fresh anointing over my Children as you pass them by. Like Abraham of old I will give to you every place your foot touches while walking for me and carrying my staff.  
I am becoming more and more excited about this whole process. Any way last step

Step 5. Seal the staff with a protective coating.
Coat one drying
Lastly God told me to coat the staff with polyurethane as a protective coating. I must admit that this was also has an incredible spiritual allegory just like every other step has.  God spoke to me and said give it three coats one for every aspect of my presence: Father, Son, Spirit. Then he said just as you cover this staff with a protective coating, I have provided a protective coating for my children. I call it the armor of God. It is used to protect them from outside elements that want to work against them just like the coating will protect the staff from the weather outside. Also my armor will protect my people from internal rot just like the polyurethane will protect your staff from rotting like a normal stick. Why don/t my people use the protection that I provided for them/ All they have to do is put it on."  As the first coat was drying i noticed that the staff had changed colors it now looks kind of golden God said that is what my presence and anointing do for my children takes them from just a common stick and turns them into something precious and beautiful.  Or God is so Awesome isn't he?

Final thought as I finish applying the last two coats of polyurethane to the staff, as I was reading the directions to apply it one coat a day is what they recommend and then the directions said something interesting. "Allow 14 days cure time before strenuous use."  God spoke and said that is perfect you will have 14 days to complete the preparations on yourself.  So next the last coat goes on Monday and I have 14 days till the walking begins.  Please pray that I will do what he asks in preparation.  Next blog Preparing the Walker part one of 14.  :)

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  1. Most definitely this is the Word of God and His instructions, as I read it, I could feel the Holy Spirit's presence. It certainly witnessed to my spirit. I am excited !