Monday, August 30, 2010

Preparing the Walker Part 1

I want to start by thanking those of you who are taking part of the Adventure by reading this and praying for me as I prepare to start Prayerwalking.   So if you have been following this blog you know that today was the the day of the last of the coats of finish on the Staff I thought before I start talking about what I am supposed to do for the next 14 days I should give you a look at the finished Staff.  So here is the finished product what do you think?            

So tomorrow starts the 14 days of getting myself ready for the walk. God told me that this 14 day period is time for me to get me ready to do the walk as he has called me to. Starting in the morning I will be fasting for the fourteen days this will be the most extreme fast I have ever had. I have done longer fast but never have I been called to do a complete fast. Fourteen days of water only.  I am also to forgo all forms of entertainment that doesn't draw me closer to God. That's right no TV, Movies, Books for fun the only computer stuff I can do is empty my email  and update this blog and my christian online work. Other than that a total entertainment blackout.  I am to walk not to pray but to see. I will pray everyday before I walk and then walk where he tells me to with a notebook and pen and write about what he shows me.  This is what I will blog about everyday. I will probably take pictures as well so stay tuned to see what God reveals to me. Now let me tell you why God has me doing this. It will teach me to see as HE sees. I will learn to pay attention and I will myself grow closer to HIM.  I am to seek HIM and where HE is at work everyplace I go.  The scripture that keeps coming to mind is Jeremiah 29:13 "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart."  As I look for Him while walking coupled with clearing my mind and heart of all distractions I will begin to see HIM. I need to be ready to know when HE is showing me something. I seem to have some discernment into the second Heaven now but Through this HE seems to be indicating that HE is going to increase that level of discernment. To be honest part of me is scared of what this means.  I understand the necessity of an increase in this gift and I can see how it will help in this adventure that HE has called me to. My fear is that discernment doesn't just work one way, if you see the good you also see the bad, and maybe that is what HE is trying to get to come to terms with.  I don't know but I will do what I am called to do. I have already come to far to give up now. Could this be the thing that I need to actually experience Habakkuk 1:5? I don't know but stick around and we will find out together. Stay tuned for parts 2-15.


  1. Continuing to pray for you as you start this journey with the Lord. May He reveal all He has for you..

  2. Will be praying for you as you start your fasting. Love you!